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We'll visit one of North America's most famous waterfalls next.

That's American Falls in New York. It's actually part of Niagara Falls, a little old waterfall you may have heard of. Check out a picture of the Canadian falls on the next page. Want to see what Niagara Falls looks like in the winter? Check it out next.

We'll keep it cold on the next page, too. Just looking at that picture of a waterfall and its icicles during winter makes us chilly. More frigid, watery scenes next. Not all is snowy at this small waterfall during the winter.

Lombok’s Wonderfully Refreshing Waterfalls

Check out a picture of Georgia's highest waterfall on the next page. Amicalola Falls stand the tallest in the state of Georgia. Head to the next page to see one of Delaware's finest. Next, we're bound for Hawaii. Next up: Meet Yosemite's famous waterfall. Find out the best time to visit this geological wonder next. Pictured is a reflection of Upper Yosemite Falls in spring, which is the best time to visit these falls, thanks to all the melting snow, according to the U.

National Park Service.

The Six Stages of Falling Water

Ready to travel to Oregon? We have another Oregon treasure next. A punchbowl waterfall occurs when water from a wider river squeezes through a narrower area and out into a plunge pool. Explore another type of waterfall on the next page.

Waterfall Model: What Is It and When Should You Use It?

What you see here is a cataract waterfall, or one with larger, more powerful volumes of water that's typically accompanied by rapids. On the next few pages, we'll check out more waterfalls around the globe. An ice climber scales a waterfall above the ocean in Kaldakinn, Iceland. The falls and park can be viewed from the Brazilian and Argentinian sides, and its best to visit them from March to May or September to November if possible.

Located in a park of the same name in the idyllic town of Canela, Caracol Falls are among the most visited sites in the area.

World's Highest Waterfall

At nearly feet tall, the falls are among the largest in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Smoke Falls are found in the Chapada Diamantina region of the state of Bahia, on the central-east coast of the South Atlantic. Located near the coastal town of Ubatuba a few hundred kilometers east of Sao Paulo, Prumirin Waterfall can be seen as a day trip from either place.

The area is home to numerous waterfalls, some of which can only be seen after a long hike, while others are more accessible and family-friendly.

WATERFALL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Whereas some waterfalls are famous for their height, the Salto Yucuma Waterfall is renowned for its breadth. Located near the town of Ubatuba, the falls are modest but beautiful.

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There are plenty of other natural and historic attractions in the area, including the Mirante Do Cristo statue of Christ opening his arms from a peak in the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains; a sight that has become an internationally recognized icon of the country of Brazil. Located inside a national park chock full of natural beauty, the falls have carved their way through the surrounding rock over countless eons, forming a large lake which is a great place to take a dip.

The falls and pond are on the Coxipo River and there are trails leading from the park office to various viewing and access areas. Source: A.

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Located near the town of Bonito in Mato Grosso, the nearly feet tall Boca da Onca Waterfall is among the highest in the area. The area is known for its wildlife, rugged beauty and the native villages sprinkled through the forest, some of which are visited on many tours.