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Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places. Tara, I really appreciate your honest review. I enjoyed this book a great deal. There are some valid points made in this review, Tara, but this silly tit for tat between the two sides in Australian Literary publishing is becoming so childish and obvious it is embarrassing.

It is also doing untold damage to Australian Literature. Both sides need to stop firing bullets at each other and behave like grownups. It is Australian literature that is suffering and in particular Australian writers. Great review Tara.

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Tara, please keep analysing, go deeper, because much of what you are saying is the great unsaid in Australian poetry at the moment. The students in these courses know the right kind of writing that will get them in…to a tenured position down the track. There are so many cliches in poetry right now. What an irony. Why are we sticking to such forms whether they impact on the poem or not? Why are we hiding behind convention? Why do all the poems look the same? Why is our poetry saying nothing? The problems go on: why are many journals of poetry truly terrible?

While normally fearful of mob rule, something in me wants to take modern Australian poetry to the next Federal election as a candidate to see what happens, because much of this activity is publicly funded…. Very much appreciate your honest review, Tara.

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Of course, Australian poetry is not alone in suffering these problems, but the self-congratulations that passes for editorial comment in such anthologies is sorely misplaced. Most of our poets are, sadly, very far from world-class. W at VU as well. I see a great deal of value in a creative writing degree.

I also love research and textual analysis. How insipid is that? This would make things interesting again, this would inspire reactionary collections, this would spark conversation and debate. Is it simply too much of them? Or not enough of something else? And how many years has it been since major publishers were involved with consistent innovation anyway, I think we need to, and often do, look elsewhere, to the small presses.

Plus, nothing wrong with water and birds.

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These are themes that humans relate to for obvious reasons. If it is read aloud the paper format is irrelevant anyway. Communication is key. A bird antho, sure, why not. Not a Best Of antho. Yes, all my poems are considered. I generally write in my head 8 different ways for days or weeks at a time before it goes down on paper.

The poems I write that are flat out inspiration are my least favourite in the end, because they often seem pointless and indulgent. Without fail, the hardest poems to write are the most rewarding, so, I think an inspiration-consideration combo is the way to go. For me.

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It means: Best. Well, because it wont sell.

Alphabetical order is a cop-out because the presentation of the poems in a deliberate order impacts the reading of the work. It is conservative to hardly include any political poetry, for instance. Also conservative.

Punctuation makes as much difference to the impact of a poem as using the exact word to deliver your meaning. Just ask TTO. I see what you mean Tara these people are like tackle flashers. Hi Koraly! Imagine the arguments! Or, if all editors were equally grown-up, the discussion. Off the tongue , Silver Leaving. Living in this place now, Fourth Australian Poetry Festival , What can we learn from indigenous culture? Living in this place now.

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Poems essays and meditations , Five Islands Press, Melbourne Australian Poetry , vol 3,6, Island , 22, The Best Australian Poems ed. Melb, The Best Australian Poems , ed. Geoff Page, Black Inc. Prayers of a Secular World , eds. The Best Australian Poems , ed. Lisa Gorton, Black Inc.

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Melb Baby Boomers Poetry Anthology. The Best of Roger Humes. Writings from the Shipwreck Coast , ed.

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Writers at the Water Rat , eds. Place, Memory and Home , ed. Women writing from an Irish Perspective , ed. Lizz Murphy. Spinifex Press, Radically Speaking , eds. Denise Scott, Heinemann , , U. Peter Smart Longmans, The Age newspaper Saturday Essay Faith columns. Robyn has been reading her poetry for 40 years including in Australia at:. Often involved with the tension of living between Australia and Ireland, reviewers have written:.

These poems from almost forty years of publication show growth, from open simplicity to a rich, resonant maturity. Their hallmark is deep honesty and emotional accessibility. Robyn Rowland draws her images from deep old places and from the room you are in right now, curtains unable to stop the radiance from spilling in. Her poems are richly wrought, sensuous, full of passion and restraint. They're luminous and earthy at the same time and open the reader's ear to hear the silence of the lost.