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Her doctoral research was designed to better understand the always emergent, ambiguous and contingent nature of being a school principal within a large urban school district and how such She has worked with educators and school authorities throughout Alberta, across Canada and internationally to demonstrate how students of all ages become confident David Stevenson brings over 40 years of CBE experience to his role as chief superintendent of schools.

His strong commitment to student learning provides CBE students, parents and staff with solid guidance for improving student achievement. He has a unique combination of skills and Monday April 10, am - pm Ivor Petrak Room.


Our schools contain students from different cultures. How do we learn and model the skills of intercultural understanding? One way is to participate in a teacher exchange or administer exchange, returning home with a new skill set to model global citizenship. This session will walk you through the process and introduce newly returned teachers to share their stories.

The coordinator of the program will describe the destinations, process, highlights and challenges. Recent participants will share their stories and answer your questions. Teachers and administrators are matched to Australia, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and the United Kingdom with this dynamic and inspiring professional development program. With a background in Communications and Technology, her focus is stewarding digital habitats for communities to learn from and with each other.

Monday April 10, am - pm Sir Edward Beatty. The Changing Face of the Classroom - Trauma and classroom behaviours Many teachers today are discouraged by the inability of children to cope within the classroom. Often, children who struggle to cope display disrespectful and explosive behaviours, which are a challenge for teachers to manage. Too often these challenging behaviours are a result of exposure to violence, neglect, or loss. Children who have experienced neglect or trauma are more likely to struggle in school, have more difficulty staying on task and managing their behaviour, and are more likely to have lower grades than peers who have not experienced neglect or trauma.

This presentation is based on research by two administrators from one school on the implementation of the Neurosequential Model in Education. The presentation will present the following: What is the NME? What does the NME look like in the homeroom classroom? How has the NME impacted administrators, teachers, educational assistants, and students? Staples after spending 9 years in administration with Sturgeon Public Schools. He enjoys talking about the growth of Morinville Public School starting in with 90 students, Pre-K through Grade 4, to the current enrollment Kerri Trombley.

Shawna Walter has taught all grades, Kindergarten to Grade 12, over the past 26 years and worked for four different school boards as both a French as a second language teacher and homeroom teacher. She moved into administration four years ago and is currently a Principal in Sturgeon Monday April 10, am - pm In many parts of the world this has led to increased standardization, datafication, narrowing curricula, depersonalizing student learning and ultimately undermining and deprofessionalizing teaching.

A major challenge for school leaders is to navigate away from these growing pressures within hierarchical education systems in order to steer towards learning environments that are defined by greater attention on creativity, student voice, diversity and talent, free play and the development of social and emotional empathy within school communities. This session will share the latest research and global activity related to standardization, datafication and the ambiguous notion of personalization of learning, and engage participants in practical solutions to collectively respond to these pressures in Alberta and beyond.

Speakers Dr. He has worked closely with teacher associations around the world to develop understanding about international testing and educational accountability. Sam is co-author of Globalizing Educational Accountabilities Prior to becoming an academic, he worked as a high school teacher in Western Australia for 13 years. Monday April 10, am - pm New Brunswick Room. Monday April 10, am - pm Champlain Room. Monday April 10, am - pm Empress. De plus, elle Vincent University.

She spent her early teaching years in Northern Ontario but spent the majority Renee St. Germain Renee St. Spending most of her career Monday April 10, am - pm Theatre. Learning to Lead: Unlocking the Leadership Potential in Our Girls The formation of leadership identity is fundamental to the future capacity of young women to pursue their goals and to ensure greater representation of women in all tiers of leadership.

Learning to Lead will illustrate how a developmental approach to embedding leadership throughout the curriculum drives a whole school approach to unlocking the leadership potential in each girl. The outcome for each girl is a responsive and descriptive leadership profile which documents her growth as a leader for use by teachers, girls and their parents. Speakers Jane Danvers Principal, Wilderness school.

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Monday April 10, am - pm D. Leveraging Leadership: Layered professional learning to enhance K literacy Literacy within content areas and multiple literacies have been identified as an area of focus by Alberta Education and within the Calgary Board of Education. She has over two decades of public education leadership experience in two provinces, small rural and larger urban settings, the charter system, and with all ages pre-school through grade twelve Previously, he was a school-based Principal in the Calgary Board of Education of a large urban high school.

He has 28 years of experience as a teacher and instructional Prior to assuming this position, she was a school based principal and an educator and leader with over 30 years of experience with the CBE. Her master's research was focused Monday April 10, pm - pm D.

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Let's Talk Are you new to the role of assistant principal? Are you thinking of getting into school leadership?

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Have you been to some sessions and thought, "That was really big picture. How do I bring it bcc to my school? Included are sections on relationship building with stakeholders, student discipline, developing vision in the school community. Andy Connelly has been a member of Edmonton Public Schools for 23 years. He also has an extensive background in developing Student Leadership programs. For the past 12 years Monday April 10, pm - pm The global education race: International testing and your school This session will engage participants in a lively conversation about international testing and comparisons of school performance across Canada and globally.

We hear a lot of talk now about the global education race to have the best schools in the world. Canada performed very well in science and reading, but concerns about mathematics performance continued to worry some policymakers. This session will introduce PISA and explain a how the test works and b how the results shape policy and impact on the work of school leaders. The session will provide school leaders with tools for assessing how their schools are performing and for thinking critically about the idea that schools around the world should be racing against one another.

Monday April 10, pm - pm Ivor Petrak Room.

Monday April 10, pm - pm Empress. Using Data to Move Schools Forward This presentation provides 10 tips to improve administrator, teacher, and student use of data to improve schools. Nicole Ralston Dr.