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So what are we to do, when reading practice is so clearly connected to both vocabulary exposure and reading achievement, but not enough students are getting enough reading practice to drive substantial growth? The answer seems clear. We need to make increasing reading practice a top priority for all students in all schools. It is time to put as much focus on reading practice as we do on school culture, student-educator relationships, and socioeconomic factors.

However, not all reading practice is built the same.

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Quantity matters, but so does quality. In the next post in this series, we explore how you can ensure your students are getting the most out of every minute of reading practice. To read the next post in this series , click the banner below. What kids are reading: And how they grow. Wisconsin Rapids, WI: Author. The research foundation for Accelerated Reader Washington, DC: U. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences.

Table Digest of Education Statistics. Flood, D. Lapp, J. Jensen Eds. Language Learning, 52 3 , Practice makes perfect! I am curious how the researchers defined reading practice. Many 10th grade students that I have read a lot through social media and the internet. They may be resistant to reading a novel, but they consume a tremendous amount of text through their smart phones.

With that being said, I think the quality of reading practice is as important, if not more so, than the quantity. Great question, Alecia. Not all the studies examined in this post defined reading practice in the exact same way, but for the first and second studies cited, it was time spent reading books and articles, whether print or digital.

Come back in a week for a deeper dive into this topic! Fascinating article. Reading is the foundation of all learning. I tell my students that readers are leaders. This year I was fortunate to have 30 minutes a day open for reading time. I was able to do this because I incorporated my social studies lessons into my Reading block. The results are that I have a solid 30 minutes before the students leave home for them to AR. I love seeing this data. It works! My kiddos read 20 minutes in the classroom and then are assigned 30 minutes at home. Growth is happening!

This is so fantastic! We are always so thrilled to hear about educators who find innovative ways to set aside dedicated time for independent reading practice. Interesting article. This year at our school we have done a better job of protecting the reading time in each class. This article proves that was a good thing to begin.


Our district recommends that all teachers devote at least 30 minutes of reading practice everyday. So great to see the research results confirming all our efforts!! At our campus we recommend the teachers allocate 30 minutes to their daily schedule for reading time. I completely agree with this article reading is key to success. This article was very engaging and had awesome data. It is interesting to see how 20 mins or more of reading everyday can make a big difference.

Wonderful data and interesting to read!

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We set aside mins daily for students to read independently and also meet with at-risk students in small intervention groups. That little bit of time sure makes a difference. Our students are given 30 minutes to read during the school day. We also encourage 30 minutes of reading at home. AR provides data to ensure students are on track with their reading targets. I feel sad about the national reading decline.

Better Vocabulary in 30 Minutes a Day (Better English Series) [Paperback]

This article makes me feel extremely fortunate to work at a school that provides reading time to help students develop a passion for reading. I believe when they understand this it will motivate them to read more. So hard when teachers still want to do worksheets instead of any reading. We request that our students read 30 minutes each night. I also have 20 to 30 minutes set aside for AR reading and testing time each morning.

Students are to keep a reading log of their testing results in an AR folder. We also have a 20 Book Challenge going on. Reading practice is the basic way to increase reading skills and build stamina. More practice on any skill results in an increase on growth and better test scores.

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I teach 4th grade gifted kids and most of them are successful readers and love to read. I have a protected 30 min per day in class for independent reading and require them to read for 30 minutes at home as well. Great article, you can tell which families make reading a priority and which do not. But I will keep them reading in school as much as I can!

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In kindergarten, we have have a quiet reading time after lunch everyday. During this time I read several chapters of as Junie B. Jones book. We also have time to read at our desks everyday. We devote as much time as possible to reading practice. We have been doing this for several years. Practice does make perfect. I was unaware of the decrease in reading in the older grades affected a students reading success.

I was under the mistaken idea that the practice was only beneficial for the younger, beginning readers. This is a very common misconception. As students get older, encounter more difficult texts, and learn more advanced comprehension strategies, practice is how they internalize and master those strategies—it never stops being important.

Nightly reading requirements are a good step but not all families can or will comply with the assignments. In that case, the extreme importance of reading at school is demonstrated. Providing SSR or Dear time daily can help with reading practice. I am hoping to promote a new initiative to entice grandparents to come to school to hear students read aloud.

The only way to get better at something is to practice and this research reinforces this! Perfect practice makes perfect. So it makes sense that dedicated sustained, silent reading SSR leads to growth. Even pro NBA players still practice free throws. I loved this article! I love reading digitally so I can stop, highlight an unknown word, and get a definition.

It has added an entirely new dimension to reading. And to think our children will have this tool is outstanding! But nothing is better than exposing children to great literature, fun literature, sad literature, all literature! I always remind my students how important reading is because it will affect them in middle school, high school, college and in their careers.

Reading practice is so important! I encourage my students to read 25 minutes per day, but on average, they read about 20 minutes per day.

I am proud of that since they are 7th and 8th graders who typically do not put as much time into reading as they did in the lower grades.